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Lee Shome & Kennedy’s Business Law and Corporate Law attorneys have accumulated over two decades of experience working at top tier law firms.  Our attorneys are highly experienced in all aspects of business law and corporate law.  Whether you want to form a new company, need help negotiating and closing a transaction, or simply looking for “in-house” counsel, LSK Firm has the experience and knowledge to ensure best possible outcome for our clients.

Incorporations / Business Formations

It is important to remember that incorporating a corporation, or forming a business entity, is more than just filing documents with the proper governmental authority.  Properly incorporating your corporation, or forming another business entity, is one of the most important aspects of any business.  Ensuring proper drafting and documentation of all of key agreements and necessary governance for a business is extremely important, saving you both time and money down the road.

LSK’s experienced business law attorneys are here to assist you in your incorporation or business formation.  The first step in starting your own business is deciding which type of entity is right for your business needs.  LSK’s business law attorneys will ensure that your business formation / incorporation is done properly to protect your business and your interests, in a manner that is no-hassle and worry free.

General Corporate Law / Business Law Services  

LSK’s corporate law and business law attorneys provide general advising services of all kinds to our clients.  The business law services provided by LSK has a broad range, including answering every-day legal questions that arise in the ordinary course of business, negotiating and documenting transactions, preparing investment agreements, filing trademarks, and much more.

LSK’s corporate law and business law attorneys are highly experienced in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts of every kind, including: independent contractor agreements, employment agreements, vender agreements, reseller agreements, confidentiality / non-disclosure agreements, consulting agreements, license agreements, software license agreements, management service agreements, promissory notes (and other debt-related contracts), and much more.   Whether you need an agreement drafted or reviewed, LSK’s business law and corporate law attorneys will ensure that it gets done right and properly protects your business’s interests.

Business Planning & Management

LSK’s experienced corporate law and business law attorneys specialize in strategies and tactics for efficient operations and management of your business.   Operating and running a business is an investment, and LSK can help you maximize the return on that investment.  Operating your business efficiently is key to creating a sustainable business, which will attract maximize profits and attract future investors.   Whether you are in the beginning stages of starting your business and need a business plan to help get your business up and running, or want to analyze and compare the long-term cost of raising capital through debt-financing against raising the capital through selling equity in your business to investors, we are here to help your business succeed.

LSK’s corporate law and business law attorneys are experienced in entity conversions, including such conversions as converting a LLC to a C-Corp to prepare of entering into new investment rounds or taking a company public.  LSK business and corporate law attorneys are experienced in assisting our clients in preparing for raising capital.  Outside of investment level issues, LSK’s business law and corporate law attorneys can help you manage your operations and increase the efficiency at which your business operates.  Efficiency is the key to high profit margins – the ultimate goal of every business.

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